MyGovLinks by MuniLogic

Let the Citizens Be the Center of Your
Local Government

MyGovLinks is an innovative citizen engagement and enablement software that helps local governments to transform their staff and citizen experience, optimize internal operations, service planning, and delivery, and reduce costs.

Transform the Way You Engage with Your Citizens

MyGovLinks is an innovative digital platform designed to prioritize constituents and make local government more accessible from anywhere, anytime using any device. With integrated digital capabilities, citizens can obtain services online, report concerns, file requests, and provide feedback to local governments. This platform encourages citizens to involve and participate in the life of their community.

Our advanced analytics and reporting tools enable local governments to make data-driven decisions based on their citizens' needs and preferences to improve their quality of life. By streamlining communication and collaboration, enhancing transparency and accountability, MyGovLinks software helps local governments become more citizen-centric and create best community engagement than ever before.

Join the growing number of local governments across the country that are using MyGovLinks to transform the way they interact with their communities.

Advanced features of MyGovLinks

Enrich your citizen engagement and experience with MyGovLinks innovative digital platform.

Personalized Profiles for Citizens

Citizens can create personalized profiles on MyGovLinks, gaining access to a range of services, including reporting concerns, filing requests, providing feedback, and opening inquiries.

Customizable Kanban Boards

Customizable Kanban boards visualize all tasks and projects in one place, so that municipality staff can quickly identify bottlenecks, prioritize tasks, and stay on track.

Integrated GIS Mapping

MyGovLinks integrates with Google Maps and Esri, providing local government authorities with a powerful tool for visualizing and analyzing geographical data.

Data-Driven Dashboards

MyGovLinks' easy-to-use dashboards offer real-time insights into everything from citizen engagement to budget management, empowering staff to make data-driven decisions on the go.

Automated Notification System

This feature allows staff to send notifications about events, updates, and new initiatives, ensuring all stakeholders are up-to-date and informed about the community.

High-Level Security

It protects data from external threats, while also providing privacy controls that limit access to sensitive information, ensuring constituents' data is safe and secure.

Benefits of MyGovLinks Being Part of Your Digital Ecosystem

  • Enriched Citizen Experience

    MyGovLinks enables local governments to provide a seamless, efficient, and transparent experience to their constituents, resulting in higher satisfaction and improved community engagement.

  • Optimized Resource Utilization

    Our platform provides local governments with real-time data and analytics, allowing them to optimize their resource utilization, reduce costs, and improve operational efficiency and effectiveness.

  • Empowered Decision Making

    MyGovLinks offers advanced data-driven insights and visualizations, empowering local governments to make informed decisions and improve their public services for the community.

How We Engage

MuniLogic offers various products and services to help local governments transform their digital landscape.


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GIS is crucial for business operations, such as planning delivery services. We partner with a top GIS service company, Esri, so that we can offer a variety of GIS consulting services to our clients.


Our team specializes in digital transformation solution. We use the latest technology and implement the best industry known practices. We will assist you from that start of your digital transformation journey.

Experience the Power of MyGovLinks

Are you curious about how MyGovLinks can help your government improve communication and collaboration with your constituents? Our team is here to assist you from the beginning till the end by partnering in your digital transformation journey.