Keeping Constituents at the Center of Government

Innovative government management software built on a cloud-based integrated digital platform to improve engagement between constituents and local governments.

 Engage – Manage – and Make Informed Decisions

How It Works

MyGovLinks is an innovative new way to connect and communicate with constituents like never before.

Thanks to MyGovLinks’ user-friendly platform, easily integrated system, and versatile software, you will be able to connect with constituents better than ever. In today’s tech-driven world, people are used to getting what they need at the touch of a button, your constituents are no different.

MyGovLinks is designed to help you boost your constituent engagement and improve your constituent experience.

MyGovLinks helps constituents do everything from report concerns, file requests, open inquiries, provide feedback, and much more, all from anywhere, on any device they choose. Not only will your government be able to communicate better with their constituents, but they will also have access to data-driven analytics, be able to view concerns based on priority, and provide updates to the community, making your government more streamlined and efficient.

If your government is ready to improve your community and embrace your constituents, get in touch with us today for a free product demo.

The MyGovLinks Difference

Engagement Focused

MyGovLinks is designed to encourage constituent engagement by making communicating with their government easy and convenient.

Efficiently Organized

MyGovLinks helps governments to organize constituent interactions so your government can easily respond to the most urgent matters first.

Data Driven Insights

MyGovLinks is designed to help governments identify what constituents need by seeing data-driven analytics
related to their everyday inquires.

Frequently Asked Questions

What devices does MyGovLinks work on?

MyGovLinks is compatible with Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android operating systems on your all devices.

Do I need to schedule a demo or can I just buy MyGovLinks?

You do not need to schedule a demo before purchasing MyGovLinks, however, you will need to contact someone from our team who will be able to get you all set up and ready to use MyGovLinks.

Do I have to choose what modules I get with MyGovLinks?

MyGovLinks does not use modules to work, so, there is no need to pick and choose which module you think you will need.

How does MyGovLinks organize incoming issues?

MyGovLinks groups similar issues based on type and location. This helps governments solve issues more efficiently and with optimal resources.

Does MyGovLinks allow constituents to create their own profile?

Yes. Constituents can create a personalized profile that allows them to decide which types of communications they receive from their government. For example, they might choose to receive event notifications, notifications about road closures, ect.

Can constituents report issues to MyGovLinks anonymously?

Yes. Constituents can report issues and give feedback without revealing their name, address, or other personal information. However, they will need to create a profile if they want to request things from their government such as licenses, permits, and other official documents.


MyGovLinks is unique and customizable as per your requirements. So the price will be based on your particular circumstances.

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