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How investing in constituents can help your government and strengthen your community.


Local governments are responsible for creating engaging communities that empower their constituents and provide them with a high quality of life. A large part of this is deciding where to invest in the community and where to make cuts. One thing we have learned after years of working with local governments is that it is always a good idea to invest in your constituents. In this article, we are going to examine 5 reasons why local governments should invest in their constituents.

1. Constituents want to help their government

Local governments that invest in their constituents create an environment where citizens feel like they can be a part of the community and help solve problems. Constituents want to know that the issues they care about are being addressed and when local governments respond, it builds trust and strengthens communities. This sense of strengthened community encourages constituents to get involved and help make their community a better place.

2. Constituents becoming engaged can save you money

An increase in your constituents’ engagement could result in a reduction in the number of unaddressed service requests and costs savings for local governments. Constituents invested in their community know what issues are important to them and as such, they will speak out when they see something that needs to be addressed. When the local government is made aware of the most pressing issues quickly, the issue is more likely to get fixed before it causes more damage or anyone gets hurt. This helps your government save money and increase approval from members of the community.

3. Constituents are your best ambassadors

Your constituents are your best advocates. Constituents are the reason you are in government, and you are there to serve them by upholding the highest standards of service delivery possible. Constituents who feel like their voice is being heard, that they have a say in what happens around them, will advocate for your initiatives and help build your community.  By investing in your constituents, you give them the tools they need to be a part of building a stronger community.

4. Constituents can help problem solve and innovate

In order for local governments to continue innovating and providing better service delivery, they need to have their finger on the pulse of what is going on in the community. Constituents are the heartbeat of a community, and they are the key to knowing which area of a community needs innovation.  Constituents are the ones who live with the problem 24/7 and they can give your government important insight into how to solve it. Constituents know what they want and need from their local government and by investing in them, you help make sure those needs are being met.

5. Constituents can help you strengthen and grow your community

By investing in your constituents, you give them more power to be a part of their community and work with you on improving it. Constituents who feel like they have a say in what happens around them will actively encourage friends, family, and neighbors to participate alongside them which will strengthen your community. This active encouragement will also positively affect your community growth. Positive word of mouth helps get the word out that your community is a great place to live and encourages people to consider living there as well. Who wouldn’t want to live in a thriving community with happy, engaged constituents?


At the end of the day, constituents want to feel involved and listened to by their local leaders.  Constituents can make or break your local government and investing in them is one of the best ways to ensure they are with you on your journey. Constituents want to feel like they belong and that their government has a vested interest in their success. Constituents who feel this way will help grow and strengthen your community.

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