An innovative digital platform that enriches constituents’ engagement in local governments.

MyGovLinks is an innovative, intuitive, comprehensive, modern, and secure constituents’ engagement digital platform that enables the public to engage with their local government in ways that improve their experience. It enables constituents to engage from anywhere, anytime using any device.

This platform allows governments to collect, store, manage, analyze, and share data in a centralized and secure manner. You will have what you need to make better decisions and improve the quality of life for all. This platform enables small to mid-sized local governments to leverage the digital capabilities of an industry-leading CRM platform for an affordable monthly investment. This platform is powered by the industry-leading Client Relationship Management (CRM) engine, Microsoft PowerApps by Microsoft.

Digital Capabilities

  1. Enables engagement anytime, anywhere using any device
  2. Powered by Microsoft PowerApps, a leading Client Relationship Management (CRM) platform.
  3. Fully cloud-based, running on Microsoft Azure
  4. Integrated with Google Maps and Esri ArcGIS Online
  5. Open platform with a centralized data repository
  6. Integrates with other systems to enable seamless communication of data between systems and bring qualitative constituent engagement
  7. High-level security
  8. Intuitive dashboards provide real-time and accurate information about problems, issues, and service requests

The benefits for Local governments

“Citizen Engagement Management Capability” is the ability to improve communication and collaboration with Municipal Staff and Elected Officials to achieve the following objectives and more:

  • Reduce the cost of the delivery of service.
  • Improve the quality of service.
  • Improve service response time.
  • Provide feedback to Municipal Staff and Elected Officials.
  • To notify constituents during emergencies
  • To improve the quality of engagement with constituents, Municipal Staff, and Elected Officials.
  • Optimize and Improve resource utilization.

The benefits for Constituents

  • Make service requests, and report problems, and issues from anywhere, anytime.
  • Send notifications in real-time to your constituents.
  • Allow constituents to customize their profile to receive relevant communications promptly.
  • Helps to engage the constituents and make them feel part of the decision-making process.
  • Shares information with constituents in a more effective and timely manner
  • Improves service and enriches the quality of life of constituents.
  • Alerts constituents about emergency and non-emergency issues.
  • Post information related to events, meetings, etc. to constituents.
  • Improve transparency and accountability of constituents to increase the constituent sense of voice.
  • Prevent constituents’ requests and issues from falling through the cracks due to uncoordinated and non-streamlined communications.
  • Allow constituents to provide comments and feedback to local governments to improve service quality.

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